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Potluck Crossover Pack Meeting

posted Feb 14, 2020, 6:15 PM by Dan Walton
HERE is the Potluck Sign-Up Sheet.

Why a Sign-Up? - We've found that having a sign-up sheets leads to having an amazing Potluck with great variety.   There's a "fill in the blank" under each section.

How Much to Bring?  - You can bring home what's left, so bring a lot.  Consider the size of your family, and the fact that you're getting a great meal out of it.

What's Already Supplied? - The Pack and Troop will supply DRINKS & DESERT (so please don't bring these).  Also, Boy Scouts (since they are by themselves) are bringing simple cold stuff like coleslaw, potato & macaroni salad, dinner roles, chips & deviled eggs.

When to Bring It?   - The Pack meeting will start promptly at 6:30pm, so come in time to set your dish out.   We will have power if you need it.

SIGN UP SOON (so you'll have good choices)