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Rules & Regulations

General Tone

The Cub Scout camping environment is one of helping each other, sharing supplies, teaching, learning, and most of all… having FUN!   All cubs and parents are expected to follow the Scout Oath, obey the Scout Law (both found in your Scout book), and to show Scout spirit at all times.

General Camp Rules (please review with your Cubs):
  • All children must have a parent or legal guardian at camp
  • Children are only allowed to sleep with other children or with their parent or legal guardian
  • The "Buddy System" must be used by all children (this will be explained at camp)
  • No profanity (cubs and parents)
  • Radios and electronic games are discouraged and may be prohibited on some campouts.
  • Everyone stays to clean up the campsite together.
  • Swimming is permitted as a Pack Only.  No family, or individual swimming.
  • Close Toed Shoes, Sandals, or Water Shoes must be worn at all times.  Only exception is while swimming (in the water).  Close toed water shoes or sandals must be worn on Canoes as well.

Adult Related Rules
  • Parents (not leaders) are fully responsible of their children at all times.
  • Smoking & Vaping is outside of Camp Only, and not in view of children.
  • No Use of Alcohol or Drugs
  • You must notify the Unit Leader prior to leaving camp (even for a short while)