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Camping With Pack 337

Here's basic information about camping with Pack337!
  • Distance - All our campouts are usually within an hour or less from the Scout Post.
  • Days - Our campouts start on a Friday and end Sunday morning after we breakdown the campsite.  We clean up and leave our campsite better then what it was before we arrived.
  • Duration - We prefer that you camp the whole weekend but if you need to, you can register to come Friday and leave Saturday, or can come Saturday and leave Sunday or just come Saturday for the day..  Just make sure you register for the correct meals you will be there.
  • Tents - We do have some two and three man tents that can be borrowed for the weekend, if you don't have one. Just let us know when you register.
  • Families Only - We camp as a family.  This means the whole family can camp. The Scout sleeps with their own family in a tent.   The scout must have at least one adult family member with them.
  • Duties - We all contribute.  We will have a sign-up sheet so you can volunteer for a chore such as:
  • Preparing Meals, Cooking Meals, Clean up, dishes, etc.  Also, when the trailer is returned, to the scout post, we will need a few people to meet up With Mr. Walton and help unload the unused food and anything else that need to be put away at the scout post.  We all takes turns and volunteer. This makes everyone's work light and the weekend enjoyable for all. 
  • Dining Area - We have a large canopy that is set up over our eating area.  We also set up a washing area for dishes, cooking area and prep area.
  • Bathrooms - We always have access to public bathrooms, water and most camp grounds have showers.
  • Trailer Supplies - Our Pack trailer is full of equipment that we bring.   On some outing, we bring the other trailer with canoes, and life jackets.
  • Activities - Some of the parks have a Park Ranger that will take us on a hike or nature walk.  Another one has a spring.  All swimming on campouts are the responsibility of the family, not the scouting organization or leaders.   Our first campout has a shooting range and archery range where we will be doing bb’s and archery.
  • Medical Form - Each Scout will have to have a Medical form on file.   This is filled out by the parent or Guardian.  You do not need a Doctor visit or a Doctor to sign it.  Click  HERE for the Part A&B Medical Forms
  • Packing - We have packing lists on our website that you can review.  Click Camping Page.
  • Food All the food, for the weekend, is purchased by our grub master. Except for Friday night.  You will have to pack something to eat, for your family, for Friday night, in a personal cooler.   We do have grills, an open fire on Friday night and fire skews. We just ask that if you use the grill, please make sure it is cleaned for the next night dinner.
  • Quartermaster - About a week or two before the campout, our Quartermaster goes through the trailer and gets it organizes.   They go over the check list and lets us know what we need to buy.  If you are interested, in being our quartermaster, please let Dan Walton know so he can discuss the job with you.  I will always be available to help get the quartermaster set up and work with them until they feel comfortable.
  • Cost - The cost of the campout varies, depending on the camping fees and food that is being prepared for that campout.   When you register, the cost will be there per person.